I grew up in Provence, France. My family have been farmers for generations, producing olive oil, fruits and vegetables.

My Mother and Grand Mothers are amazing cooks and they have nurtured my love for what is on the plate.

After working in various restaurants I knew I wanted to have my own place serving simple, fresh food cooked and produced with love.

The atmosphere at Merci Marie was relaxed and had the feel of going to eat at a good friend’s place. After running my own restaurant for over 6 years and having a second child, I decided now to work as a caterer for events to be able to enjoy my family and also what I love to do most “cooking”! I will be now providing food for all,  catering for any events/celebrations. I also cater for private dinners. If you would like more information please get in touch. 

Call us on 077 9053 0703 and or email us: marie@merci-marie.com